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Custom  Massage 
Increases the oxygen flow in the blood & releases toxins. Allowing the body to feel stress & pain free Slower & deeper strokes are used to Un-stick the muscle fibers, while releasing toxins & retrain the muscle that are stuck in chronic holding patterns.
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40 Minutes $35
55 Minutes$45
 85 Minutes$75
 120 Minutes$85
Couples Massage  just book 2 Appointments for the same time and same room

Maternity Massage 
mat mass 1Creates a peaceful harmonious feeling within the body.  Relaxing the joints and creating better circulation and less pain.  Helps with discomfort and creates an easy and more comfortable delivery
60 Minutes$50

inf mass 2
Mommy & Infant Massage 
Together You and your  baby can feel at peace together.  Learn techniques as we go to help calm and sooth. Creating a stress free and  loving unity in mind, body & soul.
30 Minutes$25

Using bars & other tools to support the pressure & the weight, Therapist use their feet to target the areas of discomfort & dis-ease. This Deep tissue massage can be tailored to the needs of each client.
60 Min $55
75 Min $ 70
90 Min $85
120 Min $110

trigger 1Focus: Neck & Back 
More individualized sections of the body.  
Increasing the blood flow and 
releasing toxins and muscle aches.
30 Minutes$35
 60 Minutes$45

Injury/ Trigger Point Therapy 
Used to eliminate spasms , limited range of motion, and chronic pains and sharp discomfort .  This form of work  increases your pain free days
45 Minutes$55

Pre-Sports Massage
Invigorates and excites the body. Allowing it to warm up and feel loose for the upcoming events     
30 minutes$35

Post Sports Massage
Strips the body of the toxins and helps calm you down after an exciting work out or sporting event.  Assisted stretching to keep you limber after your workout.
60 Minutes$65

Structural Integration 
Slow deep moments to manipulate the body's tissues retraining the body to a more balance state of being.  Decreasing joint pain. Attachment strain and discomfort.  Over a period of 10 sessions the body unwinds before your eyes   
60 Minutes$75

Post Surgical Massage 
Techniques used to help increase blood flow and heat up the area in question. Replenishing the bodies natural elasticity.  Creating a faster recovery time with less scarring.
25 Minutes$30

tmj 1TMJ Dysfunctions
TMJ disorders are a group of problems of the jaw joint. Due to muscles and joints working together, a problem with either one can lead to stiffness, headaches, ear pain, bite problems, clicking sounds, or locked jaws. Using a special protocol we can relieve and correct this uncomfortable pains and dysfunctions.
45 Minutes $50

spa 4Hot Stone Massage
 60 Minutes$70
 90 Minutes$90
Couples Hot Stone Massage just book 2 Appointments for the same time and same room

Heated stones allow us to create a warm & comfortable massage going deep into the body with easy. Creating  deep relaxations.

Hot Stone Aroma Therapy 
90 Min  $100.00
60 Min $80.00
Heated stones allow us to create a warm & comfortable massage going deep into the body with easy. Creating deep relaxations.By applying essential oils to the body & focusing on the body response to the therapeutic healing nature of the aroma & the warmth!

Hydro-Stone Therapy
The use of hot and cold stones, ice and wet towels to achieve and pain free result.  Used to heal the body after injury and/or accident.
 60 Minutes$75

facial pic
Therapeutic Facials Men & Women 
Facial made specicly for the person to find complete comfort in the body. Exfoliates and moisturizes while giving a therapeutic touch of aroma essential oils to help decrease the dis-ease in our bodies.
30 Minutes$45
60 Minutes$75

reflexology picUtilizing many different strokes and holds we can release chronic holding patterns and dis-ease within the body.  Working the feet and the hands we can assist in the proper function of the bodies organs. Bring back a balanced state of mind and internal harmony.
40 Minutes$45
 60 Minutes$65

ARoMA TOUCH Massage 
By applying essential oils to the body and focusing on using special strokes the body response to the therapeutic healing nature of the aroma and the touch.
60 Minutes$50
 90 Minutes$80

A non invasive form to Acupuncture.  Holding a key points on the body in a pattern of different holds we can re-balance the Mind, Body & Soul.  Bringing it back to one. Relieving chronic pains, discomforts, emotional turmoil and even behaviors patterns.
45 Minutes$45
 75 Minutes$75
 90 Minutes$100

Cranial Sacral Therapy 
Soft touch and relaxing form of body work.  Feeling the flow of the cranial fluid and and assisting in creating a steady flow and a balance between flexon and extension.  Cranial Sacral is used for many things some of which are, headache, emotional issues, TMJ, etc.
60 Minutes$60
90 Minutes$90

reiki picReiki 
The ray of light and the key to enlightenment  create a spiritual and emotional healing.  Soft  touch and release.  Creating a balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Giving each individual a personal journey of healing.
40 Minutes$50

Therapeutic Foot Facial 
Special mask made for the feet with essential oils to and ingredients to give you a personal uplifting treatment. Focus on each persons needs therapeutically.  Helps with many dis-eases of the body and emotional steadiness.
45 Minutes$50

Guided Meditation 
Take a personal walk within.  Guided as safe.  teaches you how to walk your journey peacefully and understand the inner you.
30 Minutes$40

Therapeutic Body Wraps   $55
Warming wrap the utilizes the essential oils s and warmth to allow the body to relax and soak up the beneficial energies of the oils.  To find peace in a stress free deep relaxation.  Treatments are for many different dysfunctions of the body such as Lupus, MS, Diabetes  Fibromialgia & more. 40 Minutes of comfort.

serenitySerenity Time
Make it a date.... for yourself to relax, enjoy and heal. Experience our combination of massage, reflexology and foot facial, therapeutic face facial and our delightful body wraps. Topped off with a nice head massage. 3 hours of pure heaven.
3 Hours   $170

Reflexology with Hot Stone Upgrade
 40 Minutes$55
                                                                                                       60 Minutes$75
Injury/ Trigger Point Therapy 
  45 Minutes Hot Stone Upgrade$65

After a treatment your body might show some of the following reactions:
Stiffness, aching muscles, tiredness
Frequent visits to the restroom, this allows your body to get rid of waste
Runny nose / coughing, this allows your body to get rid of toxins
Your body is in a repairing phase and might take some time to re-adjust.
These reactions should clear in the next 24-48 hours. In order to continue enjoying the treatment you just had, your therapist would like to suggest a few points.
1. Have a heavy meal after a treatment - allow 4-6 hours. Your body is in a healing state and is thus resting - massage stimulates the digestive system and therefore might make you feel nauseous. Alkaline foods are great for the first 24 hours.
 2. Drink a lot of caffeine drinks (tea, coffee, red bull) or stimulants - allow 12-24 hours. Alcohol might cause dehydration.
 3. Smoke - allow 12-24 hours.
 4. Rush around - exercise vigorously - allow a few hours. This will limit the effects of the massage.
5. Ignore your body's messages. You might feel faint, tired and / or thirsty.
1. Relax for a while after a treatment. Have a bath to continue the relaxation process or listen to soft relaxing music.
2. Give feedback to the therapist about the treatment.
3. Wrap up warmly. You might feel cold after a treatment.
4. Take care when driving home as your reflexes might be slower. You may feel faint or tired.
5. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice or herbal teas.  Your body might have been drained of lymphatic waste and toxins which may result in being thirsty and the water will help flush all the waste and toxins away.  Water will help the detoxifying process and to re-hydrate your body.
6. Pay attention to general posture. Sitting and walking up straight is of importance.
7. Have a nap or rest if you can - it will make the muscles relax and make the massage last longer. If needed use apply heat to help relax and release toxins when feeling stiff.

Regular massage treatments are highly recommended, for maximum and long lasting health benefits.

About the Therapy & Therapist;
     YOU NEED TO KNOW and understand that massage therapy is a holistic form of healing and in some cases IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE for medical treatment or medications and that it is recommended that you concurrently continue to work with your primary caregiver for any medical conditions you may have.
      You need to be aware that massage therapist does not diagnose illness or disease, do not prescribe or adjust medications and that spinal manipulations are not a part of the treatment. 
     Please inform the therapist of all your known physical/medical conditions and keep therapist informed of all changes in these areas.
      Please heed the advice of your therapist. They are professional when it comes to treatment.  If you chose to continue treatment against the advice of your therapist please remember you are responsible for your health and well-being and any decisions you make regarding your person. Please know that the session is all about and catered to YOU, if at any time you need to stop or change the session please do so. 
Payment & Insurance;
You understand that it is your responsibility to pay all charges, regardless of insurance coverage.  Payment is due at time of service. 
 *PLEASE NOTE:  24 hour notice is required for cancellations, otherwise you will be charged an LMC (last minute cancellation fee) = 25% of the booked session, for having reserved the time.

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